Off Leash K9 Dog Training

We specialize in private lessons, dog behavior consultations, and teaching the owners to understand why their dogs do the things they do. This helps create a strong bond between the owner and dog.and without the restriction of a leash.

We believe that 98% of all dogs can be trained to have amazing obedience: regardless of breed, size, shape, or age!

Off Leash K9 Training of Cedar Rapids

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Dog Training in Cedar Rapids IA

Dog Training Cedar Rapids IAOff Leash K9 Training, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City & Davenport Areas is thrilled to bring world class obedience training to the Cedar Rapids, Iowa City & Davenport areas. Your Cedar Rapids, Iowa City & Davenport Areas dog trainers specialize in the same dog training methods used by military and law enforcement using techniques that encompass our core beliefs and philosophy of consistency, fairness and crystal clear communication that will turn your dog in to a well behaved member of society in any situation. We train your dog but we also train you to be a better handler which will help strengthen your bond built on trust and communication. All of our lessons are private, one-on-one, sessions that allow us to address your specific concerns.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa City & Davenport Areas Dog Trainers believe that 98% of all dogs can be trained to have amazing obedience; regardless of breed, size, shape, or age! Our clients agree and love having the ability to brag on their four-legged companions.

Dog Training Iowa City IA

“I am truly amazed at the turn around that my 1 1/2 y.o. GSD has had with OLK9. I had already tried everything – treats, toys, clicker training. I’m no stranger to obedience training dogs, but I was at my last straw with her. She was hyperactive and has a high drive. She’s still the same excitable girl, but now she has a job, and she even sleeps through the night.

Cedar Rapids Dog TrainingThese results, of course, will vary, but if you are dedicated to having your dog as part of your family and as your lifelong companion that you take everywhere, then it’s absolutely worth it. I wish I could give more than 5 stars.”

“The results from the Off Leash K9 training method are very impressive!  We adopted a rescued 2 year old English Pointer and soon learned he could jump our fence, but he didn’t know any commands. Even worse, he would run away when we approached him. Treats and food were ineffective with the outdoor distractions.  We decided he would need a different kind of training method. We signed him up for the advanced obedience package with OLK9 Eastern Iowa and began working with Alisa on his training. After the first lesson he was coming when called outside with distractions!  Now after 7 lessons he knows 8 commands all off leash outside with all kinds of distractions. No treats/toys needed!  We highly recommend Off Leash K9 training for any dog that needs obedience training or has behavior issues. Alisa is great to work with, very professional and really understands dog behavior.”

Check out more information on dog training Cedar Rapids IA or dog training Iowa City IA on our Facebook page or our YouTube Channel to see our clients training in and around the Cedar Rapids, Iowa City & Davenport Areas or view one of our recent Board and Train graduates below! We also invite you to check out our blog for articles about dog training, behavior, and other pup-related stuff!


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Dog Training Packages

What we enjoy most is seeing dogs that have spent their whole life on a leash, now being 100% Off-Leash and obedient! We thrive off of seeing the joy in both the dogs’ and the owners’ face when they have mastered a new command without the restriction of a leash.

Service Dog or Therapy Dog Classes

Offleash K9 also offers certified service dog or certified therapy dog classes! If your dog has the drive and disposition, he/she can be trained to assist you in your daily life.

World Renowned Obedience and Behavioral Modification Classes

When you want your dog to have a high level of obedience and/or fix specific behavioral issues, contact Offleash K9. Our dog trainers will train your dog to be obedient off leash at home and out and about.

Off Leash Dog Training

2 World Records In Dog Obedience Training
Over 1200+ Before/After Videos On YouTube
Over 125+ 5-Star Dog Training Reviews On Google
Globally Recognized Dog Obedience Training
Voted Best Dog Trainer in Virginia TWO years In A Row

What Do Our Clients Say?


Jo Jo has been with Emily for 5 days and the results I see in the update videos is amazing…
Linn L

…With 2 obedience lessions left we are already looking at signing up for trick classes and most likely nose work classes.
Roland Z

…he is already 100% attentive to me and I haven’t had to use the collar much at all.
Megan D