Dog Training Reviews

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Jo Jo has been with Emily for 5 days and the results I see in the update videos is amazing. We met Emily for drop off and Jo Jo was immediately comfortable with her. Emily asked questions and explained the board and train very well. She explained that we have a responsibility to continue to build on the foundation she will begin for us. Emily sends us multiple updates daily and explains what she and Jo Jo have done that day. She answers all our questions quickly and honestly. I have a lot of questions. lol Jo Jo was soooooo energetic and had no self control around other dogs and people. If you see her video’s you would not know it is the same dog. I can hardly wait until our two weeks is up and we see the results of Emily’s hard work and dedication to the dogs and their families! Looks like this is going to be a great investment for a stress free and fun future with Jo Jo!!!

With 2 obedience lessions left we are already looking at signing up for trick classes and most likely nose work classes. ”

Linn L

Drop Off Meeting for Board & Train

I met Diana yesterday in the freezing cold and was amazed at how my rescue Maggie responded to training. She is a stubborn, high energy girl and we really needed some help with basic obedience and separation anxiety. In one session she learned a ton and I saw amazing results. She learned come, sit, and I was able to walk away from her while she held her sit. Unbelievable! Practiced with her today and she is really making progress already. Diana is patient and really helped me by just watching how calm she is. Can’t wait for our next lesson!!

Betsey E

First lesson

My 2 year-old German Shepherd Mac loved Taylor! We had our first session yesterday and did great for her. It challenged him enough that he slept all the way home. I can already see a difference in him. He came when called without correction! That’s almost a miracle for this stubborn boy. Thanks Taylor. Looking forward to our next lesson.

Jerri O

Taylor is amazing!!

“Paisley has finished the basic package and we’ve started on the advanced stuff. She is the envy of everyone I know that has a dog and they continually ask me where I trained her, and how I did it. I simply refer them to OLK9 since it really was a miracle change. She does still need a little distraction proofing; however, that is no fault of her own since it has more to do with me taking her places to intentionally try and distract her.

OLK9 has earned a life long customer with any dogs I have and I will always refer as many people as I can to both Diana and Alisha”

Michael H

Life Long Customer

Ann was amazing. She answered all of our questions and was so calm even while Odessa was having her now normal leash reactivity towards a small dog that wondered into the picnic shelter where we were training. After just one lesson, we were able to go home and easily replicate having her come and sit by us easily. She has since been on 2 walks and has had no reactivity issues even with dogs very nearby. Further, she was so wiped out that we didn’t have our normal reactive barking at every sound she heard in the evening. In the yard, she started running toward the fence to try an escape, and we were able to stop her and turn her around using the e-collar. While I know we have a very long road ahead to improve her behavior, it is wonderful to know that we have a team to help and a tool to improve our communication. We don’t feel helpless like we did just a week ago.

Jennifer M

1st Lesson

We had our first lesson with Diana last night! She definitely knows what she is doing! We have two Goldendoodles, and we definitely see an improvement after one lesson! Looking forward to the next lesson.

Jerry H

Rockstars in training!

My gsd rescue came with some training and more bad habits than good. After the first lesson I knew this was the place to be for dog training!!!! It is amazing what can be achieved in one lesson!! So glad I found this group and highly recommend it to one and all!!!

Barbara B

Rescue Training

We had Diana for our first visit yesterday with our 6 month old English Bulldog. He put up quite a fight for Diana, but she was very calm and very patient. The 30-40 minutes he spent attacking her was filled by very informative information and explanations as to what was happening and why it was happening from the dogs perspective. I loved it!!! One day so far after training and he is still sleeping, but listening to commands. I can’t wait to see what the rest will turn him into. Great training and trainers!!! Treat based training just teaches the wrong elements. My wife wanted to try it and it was counterproductive. I can’t say enough good things!!!

With 2 obedience lessions left we are already looking at signing up for trick classes and most likely nose work classes. ”

David K

excellent training for the dog and for us

“Taylor has transformed my cocker spaniel from an anxious ball of fluff to a confident dog who loves his Friday afternoons with Taylor. We have taken 3 bundles of classes and Stanley has learned more tricks than I can name, will listen when given a command, and is currently learing scent detection. Off Leash K9 has changed our lives!

With 2 obedience lessions left we are already looking at signing up for trick classes and most likely nose work classes. ”

Melissa J

Taylor is amazing!

Ann with OLK9 is amazing. Our first dog went through 8 sessions with Ann and can now be 100% off-leash. We have our second puppy in sessions with Ann right now. Can’t wait to get them both trained to be off-leash together!

Melissa S

Second Dog

Diana and Alisa have found the key to successfully training any dog! They are both knowledgeable and will patiently answer questions or show a technique over and over until you “get it”. My new rescue dog is quickly learning the commands and actually gets excited about putting on her collar. Relatives who saw her when she was just some dog we were fostering (yes, I’m a foster failure!) have commented on the amazing improvements in her behavior. We are looking forward to our additional lessons. We will be shouting from the rooftops just how amazing we think OLK9 is!

Stephenie D

Worth every penny!

Me and Sara had our first session yesterday. You would think Sara had been in training since she was a puppy. She is already 100% attentive to me and I haven’t had to use the collar much at all.

Megan D

Exceeded my expectations

There’s a reason why this page is full of 5-star ratings — these trainers know what they’re doing! My GSD was fairly well-behaved when we started, but she needed some “clean up” a bit. I learned how to communicate my expectations clearly to her, and she was more than thrilled to obey. Diana answered all of my numerous questions and showed me exactly what I needed to be a confident leader for my pup. I would recommend their training to anyone and any dog — at any level of expertise. She’ll take the two of you and give you all the tools you need to be successful.

Stephany P

No Brainer

“We are on lesson 7 of Advanced Obedience training with our Doberman (Kaiser) and the results are truly amazing, even after the 1st lesson. The team’s talent is top notch. Without a doubt this is the best canine training program around. The knowledge and talent the team has regarding different breeds and different behaviors is unbelievable. This training is worth the investment. You and your dog will finish your sessions with confidence. Particularly you with confidence in yourself and your ability to continue the training long after your sessions are complete. The understanding you will have of your pet and your pet of you is priceless. We, highly, recommend anyone considering a dog training program choose Off Leash. It is an investment that will pay off in devidens.

With 2 obedience lessions left we are already looking at signing up for trick classes and most likely nose work classes. ”

Phil J

Amazing Talent - Amazing Results

My first lesson with Alisa was on Sunday. My dog, Jackson, is a 2 1/2 year old Boxer. He is super smart BUT displays anxiety in new situations and is over anxious when around other dogs. Alisa detailed every behavior that Jackson showed. She was extremely patient with Jackson despite his juvenile hissy fits. Alisa made sure that I understood why we train the way we train and what effect improper training has on a dog. I enjoyed the first lesson and can’t wait to go back. Jackson has changed quite a bit since Sunday. He appears to be more confident and listens so much better.

Patrice A

Basic Obedience Package - Lesson 1

“Do this training, period. Our first lesson with Anne and my 4-year old Siberian Husky (Echo) was a lightning rod for our relationship.Echo through a tantrum with Anne on his first go around but quickly began to pick up on come and sit commands. Our first lesson was yesterday and we have done training at home twice since our outing with Anne. I have gotten Echo to come on queue out of a direct sprint. We have a lot of work to do such as training with distractions and others but he is off to a great start! I haven’t used the E-collar much with behavioral corrections yet as I’m still learning the ins and outs of the e-collar but I’m gaining comfort the more we practice.

Anne is great and Alise was great with our training setup. Can’t wait for our next outing with these great employees & company.”

With 2 obedience lessions left we are already looking at signing up for trick classes and most likely nose work classes. ”

William L

1st lesson with Anne

Our situation is a little different; we have a foster dog who needs work to be cleared for adoption. After trying all the “tricks” that we knew, we realized we needed some help. A generous donor, who is a client of Off Leash, recommended them. We had our first lesson yesterday with Taylor and we were impressed! She explained the system well, worked with Hedy and taught us how to train her. We started our homework, and are looking forward to our next lesson.

With 2 obedience lessions left we are already looking at signing up for trick classes and most likely nose work classes. ”

Pat B

Foster Dog Needs Help

“I brought my 3.5 year old Staffordshire Terrier, Maggie, for the two week board & train program. My apartment did not allow “”agressive breeds”” and with Maggie being prescribed as my Emotional Support Animal, I was required to have a temperament assessment done on her.

Maggie suffers from a little bit of anxiety herself but is one of the friendliest dogs you will ever meet! I contacted OLK9 due to her leash pulling, barking at people at the door, fear of being confined in a crate, and severe separation anxiety.

When I met Taylor at her drop-off, I knew Maggie was in the right hands. She took control, calmed my nerves, and reassured me that she would push her harder than she pushed most of her trainees due to her breed and responsibility as an ESA. She sent me updates every day and worked with her relentless anxiety.

Additional hurdles were thrown my way to get Maggie approved and Taylor put me in touch with Diana for help. Diana was thorough, confident, and supportive throughout the entire ordeal. Taylor even offered to keep Maggie one additional day until my paperwork got settled so Maggie wasn’t in Limbo. To say that they will love and care for your dog as their own, is an understatement!

Maggie now knows how to sit, lay down, walk off leash, and heel (even with distractions!). Her anxiety is still her biggest issue but after her stay with Taylor and with consistent training, reassurance, and structure she will continue to gain her confidence and really lighten up!

I cannot wait to see where Maggie is 3 months from now and even 6 months from now!

I will recommend Off Leash K9: Raleigh/Durham to everyone I know!

Thank you all for all of your help and support!! We couldn’t have done this without your faith in Maggie and endless amounts of guidance. The training doesn’t stop here!!


Kate & Maggie

Kathlyn R

Taylor & Diana: ESA Support + Obedience Training all in one!!

Luna had her first lesson with Kathryn yesterday and it was amazing. It’s obvious that the folks at Off Leash K9 are knowledgeable about not just how to interact and train dogs, but also how to teach us, the owners, how to continue this education at home. We are thrilled with the results after just one training and cannot wait to continue working with Kathryn over the next few months. If you’re not sure if Off Leash K9 are the trainers for you, look no further. Luna is a happier dog and her quality of life has and will continue to grow due to the training that we’re receiving.

Patrick B

1st Lesson

Sadie is a 1yr old hound mix from a shelter (Saving Grace in Wake Forest). she came to us affectionate, curious, well socialized but a bit ‘instinctually willful’. After a few months, I signed up with K9 Offleash to help. I had our first 1hr session with a knowledgeable young lady, Hannah who trained the owner a bit and the dog a bit. Homework was assigned. Following Sensi Hannah’s guidance, I can report major results on the ‘come/stay’ technique. Sadie wants to learn so it is up to her distracted boss to apply the time. I can really see a big difference. Now….off to fixing..”pulling on the leash”. I have great confidence of success with the help of Dog Sensei Hannah.

With 2 obedience lessions left we are already looking at signing up for trick classes and most likely nose work classes. ”

Roland Z

Sadie's reprot card....first lesson

My 6 month old golden retriever puppy had his first lesson with Kathryn a few days ago. Kathryn was so thorough in explaining everything to me, from the e-collar to why she was doing certain things in her teaching, which made it make sense to me. She also was encouraging when it was my turn to try the methods she had shown me first, even when I was not confident in my ability. We are continuing to practice at home and my stubborn, high-energy boy continues to improve. We used another trainer previously who used more aggressive techniques I was not comfortable with, which set me out looking for another trainer. I wish I had found Off Leash sooner!!! It is clear they love the animals and are really devoted to the training. I can’t wait to use their So Fetch field days soon, too, so my boy can have outings with other similarly trained friends. I can’t say enough good things about Off Leash, would recommend them without hesitation to anyone!! I initially wanted sessions in Durham and signed up with Kathryn until someone in Durham came available, but we’ll be finishing our package with Kathryn; the drive is no issue for such an awesome trainer!!

Ashley B

Kathryn is awesome

My dog had his first obedience lesson yesterday. I was confident that training would help him, but I was beyond amazed by the results after just one lesson. We had our first successful morning practice together to reinforce the training and it was incredible. I should have done this years ago! Alisa was incredible with him and made me feel very comfortable with the process so I could continue working with him during the week.

Lauren A

First lesson

What a difference! My puppy was a completely different dog after the lesson. As a matter of fact, I took him to dinner with us and someone walked up and asked me who trained my puppy. He sat on his own bench during dinner and didn’t try to eat food that didn’t belong to him. The difference is night and day. I knew that I needed to be given the skills to best help him and Off Leash did that. It’s so nice to be able to give him direction he can understand. I look forward to another session of training.

Cindy C

1st Puppy Session

One word – WOW!! Diana is a true gem. I was amazed at the positive changes in my Goldendoodle Dudley after less than 30 minutes into the lesson. Our practice sessions have been so much better than I ever expected. I had a great relationship with my dog before but now it’s amazing. I highly recommend this training to anyone who is considering it.

John S

1st Lesson

“Diana was great and very helpful working with my new puppy on our first training. We are making daily progress and will continue to use off leash in the future.
Thanks again!”

Bryan D

Very Helpful Puppy Consult

Alisa and Diana are both great! We took our dog to training to overcome social anxiety and aggression. We worked with both trainers and found that through obedience training we were able to work on Hank’s confidence and in turn his anxiety and aggression. Both Alisa and Diana were knowledgeable, helpful, and patient with our dog as well as us. After our 8 weeks were over we pretty much had a new dog! It has not been about a month since our last session and Hank has continued to show improvement. We would recommend this training program to anyone!

Caitlin G


Taylor was great. Sophie, my German Shepherd, responded well to her and the training. We are practicing what we learned. I think it is harder for me than for Sophie. Looking forward to our second lesson!

Darren G

1st Lesson for Sophie

First, I didn’t have to explain all the problems – Diana was a great observer and picked up all the small things quickly. Then Diana pulled out her magic wand (don’t be fooled by the orange color) and Rocky just did what she asked her to do. Even better – she taught us how to be magicians… our communication with Rocky has greatly improved. Thanks a lot Off Leash K9!


Pinching myself in disbelief

“One of my favorite things is to take relaxing walks with my dogs. It’s something that I have done since I was a teenager living on my families farm. We owned Border Collies for years and their recall was spot on. After adopting a pit mix, walking with the dog quickly became one of my least favorite things. He pulled on lead and wouldn’t recall when I tried treat training him. In fact, he would take off after a deer and I couldn’t find him until he was ready to be found. My husband and I heard about Off Leash k9 training. After watching their videos, we decided to give them a try. Thank God we did. Buddy now has 100 percent recall. We now own a second dog that graduated on November 22nd from the basic obedience. Walking again has become one of my favorite things to do with my two boys, thanks to Alisa and Diana. The confidence I feel in knowing that when I call, they will come to my side is priceless. The ability to go to the vet and have them stay by my side as they walk on lead and place on the scales is invaluable. I highly recommend the training and thank them for helping me to rediscover one of my favorite things, walking the farm with my two dogs.

Donna F